Cougar Vamp

Mark Davis Author / Poet


She sat in the corner
Looking for fresh meat
It was her favourite hunting ground
So that could be a feat
None would remember
Their memories erased
When she left them in the hotel room
Satisfied and dazed
All they knew about it
The cougar had been great
Hungry for their special love
Impossible to sate

She caught a new boy looking
Flashed a smile licked her lips
Beckoned him towards her
With long nailed finger tips
His eyes locked on her cleavage
As he took the offered chair
She pressed her leg against his
“You like what you see there?”

Hand rested on his thigh
Loved how his face went red
Already she had visions
Of him laid out in the bed
Chat for a while
Till her hand crept to his bulge
“I have a room upstairs
If you’d care to indulge”

Take him by the hand

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