All day long she’d been a tease The young doctor she tried to please Undone a button, shown some breast Had seen his eyes rest on her chest Passed him things, touched his arm Used all of her mature charm His constant blushes let her know That he enjoyed her little show Saw him adjust himself by hand All was going as she planned Last patient gone, called him in “Could you help me?” wicked grin She leaned across the table there Her dress rode up, her pussy bare “I have an itch that needs a scratch Think your young cocks a perfect match” He hesitates, she turns around In a flash his pants are downed His hard cock gives his thoughts away “Mmm my doctor wants to play” She kisses him, tongue forces in Her hand his cock grows hard within Leans back on table, raises legs “Please fuck me NOW” his hot nurse begs He enters her, eyes afire Can no longer hide his desire His thick cock fills her, makes her scream Now more than just a hot daydream She wraps her legs around his waist Bed shakes with their erotic haste With his long thrusts he makes her pay For flirting,messing him all day Her head thrown back, she feels him tense Brings alive her very sense Till with a burst his cock erupts She loves the way her mind corrupts Holds him in, grips him tight They come as one,an awesome sight


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