Cougar’s 21st gift

Mark Davis Author / Poet


She watched the young man enter
Her face creased in a grin
Recognised the new blood
Liked to break them in
Asked him for his ID
“So today your 21?
Meeting with your girlfriend
For a night of fun?”

“That was to be the plan” he said
“But she missed her flight
So looks like it’s just me
For my birthday drinks tonight”
The older barmaid touched his hand
“I get off at eight
I know somewhere nice
We can go to celebrate”

Looked him in the eye
Stroked his hand with her nails
He nodded and she smiled
Her technique rarely fails
Told him to wait
At the end of the bar
“We’ll go to my place so I can change
It’s not very far.”

For the next thirty minutes
Felt her excitement grow
Her celebration plans
Made her moist down below
Each moment she had
She’d talk to…

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