The game of tennis over
She headed for the shower
The sign said out of order
Would be at least an hour
She sighed and got her bag
Resigned to the wait
Was going out with girlfriends
Would just have to be late

An ex tennis partner
Saw the look on her face
“I just live nearby” said Rob
Come and shower at my place”
She gave him a hug
“You have saved my life
But I hope I don’t cause
Trouble with your wife”

Im divorced now
I’m surprised you didn’t know
Sharing the apartment
With my best friend Joe”
She felt a little shiver
Through her erotic spot
Alone in the apartment
With two men who were hot

When they entered the apartment
Joe was in the chair
Clad in just his undies
She tried hard not to stare
He stood, walked towards her
Holding out his hand
The sight of his bulge
More than she could stand

Talking her hand firmly
Joe kissed her on the cheek
His voice as he said “Hello”
Made her knees go weak
Held on to her hand
Looked her in the eye
Pressed his leg hard
Up against her thigh

She moaned at his touch
Joe turned with a smile
“Hey Rob I think your friend
Might like to stay a while”
He bent down toward her
Surprised her with a kiss
She opened her lips
“Ah so you want more of this?”

Rob came on over
Pressed in from behind
“You think she might like
Loving of our special kind?”
Cupping her breasts
Nibbled on her ear
Pressed his firm cock
Hard against her rear

Joe let go of her
Sat back on the chair
Slipped off his undies
“Put those sweet lips there!”
She knelt down as ordered
Took him in her lips
Rob got behind her
Slipped her panties of her hips

The two strong men
Had bought her to the boil
Her sex now soaked
As slippery as will oil
Joe held her head tight
Fucking her face
She gagged as Rob’s hard cock
Slipped into place

Playing her body
Fulfilling her dream
She became their toy
Filled her with their cream
Not a hole untouched
Satisfied but sore
They knew one thing for certain
She’d be back for more


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