The blindfold was her present
embroider with her name.
Loved it when he stripped her
shared his erotic game
He attached her to the wall
they had a special place
as he tied her hands above her
felt his breath upon her face
Today he used a feather
and as he teased her nipple
sensations wracked her body
as her nerves began to ripple
He ran the feather cross her tummy
up the inside of her thighs
and as he flicked her pussy
the room filled with her sighs


The teasing stop abruptly
soon came the telltale smell
tonight would be so special
burning wax as well
In the darkness she could smell
feel the nearing flame
and when the first drop hit
she moaned her Masters name
As the film of wax grew hard
when it built up on her teat
his hand caressed her clit
both sensations hard to beat
Kissed her hard, stroked her deeper
till it was more than she could stand
and when he ordered her release
she came hard on his hand
A final little treat
he bought his hand up to her lips
and let her lick him clean
right to the fingertips


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