Mirrored Lovers

Once again the beautiful Author /poetess Zoey Hart and I have teamed up to bring you our individual poetry interpretation of  this picture


Mirrored lovers
You and me
Two ways now
You cannot see
Blindfold hides me
From your sight
Cling to me
Hold me tight

Fingers feel
Your need for me
Made more real
Kneel before mirror
On the floor
Face reflected
Drives me more

Reflected view
Lost in the pleasure
I bring to you
Strokes your special
Spot inside
Push back to me
Frenzied ride

Muscles tighten
Hold you back
Fingers whiten
Crying for
Release tonight
Kiss as we come
Intense delight

Zoey harts version

I was a good girl
“Be ready and waiting”
Did as you asked
Pleasure all mine
Set the blindfold in place
Bound my wrists
As excitement set in
Evened my breaths
Heard the door click shut
Heat spreading over flesh
Your foot steps close behind
Struggling to stay calm
Rough hands against my skin
Words whispered in my ear
“Time for your reward”
Body trembling with desire
Slowly caress every inch
As begging moans escape
Fingers slip inside
Arms pulling tight
Ecstasy takes over
You bring me there
Forever I am yours
In the Dominate embrace

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zoey book cover

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