Master stood above
She was naked,her hands tied
Crop slid across her breast
To tender nipples it’s applied
Then down between her legs
Light flick on the clit
Her aching bud excited
As blood rushed towards it

He loved to tease and pleasure
While tying to the bed
But sometimes he knew his pets
Needed a little pain instead
Watch their begging eyes
At each gentle flick
Watch as they licked the juice off
As their sexy got nice and slick

Out the crop away
With fingers mouth and tongue
Tease their restrained bodies
Till on the precipice they hung
Smile as they begged
To let their bodies go
Struggle to hold back
As he firmly told them “NO!”


Knowing when he let them
They’d come not once but twice
He’d slip his fingers inside
Feel them clamp like a vice
Bend and whisper to them
“Now my pet let go”
Keep working through their frenzy
As across his hand they’d flow

Untie and hold them gently
Let them lick his fingers clean
Hungrily they do so
On their face would leave a sheen
Take them back to bed
His excitement evident
Make love to his pet
Till his own seed is spent

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