Mistresses Toy

Had a bit of a mess up when posted last night so once again please enjoy

Mark Davis Author / Poet


The way she danced that night
Heels stocking
Dress so tight
The way she held tight to his arm
Nails digging in
Smiles the charm
The way her lips brushed a kiss
Against him rubbed
Signs not to miss
Then to their room
Make him sit
Unbutton reveal
The rest of it
Panties bra
The finest lace
Make him kneel
Press too his face
Her arousal
Her musky scent
Her need to take him
So evident
Naked now
By hand he’s led
Her toy, she smiles
Tied to her bed
Strokes him
Watches manhood grow
Impales herself
Then nice and slow
His nipples hard
She twists and pinches
Squeezing riding
Takes his inches
Rubbing stroking
Clit excites
Bends kisses
Little bites
Over her man
She will reign
Queen of pleasure
Queen of pain
Eyes locked on his
Orgasmic cry
Her juices flow
Over his thigh
Daring him
To even think

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