Incense caressed his nostrils
As she bade him take a chair
A shiver through his body
She trapped him her stare
What had drawn him through that doorway
With it’s tiny little bell?
Totally unaware
He was underneath her spell

She wished to celebrate
This rare witches moon
Her body was preparing
For what would happen soon
This young man she’d selected
To ease her of her plight
Would not leave here till morning
Till sun replaced moons light

In his eyes he saw a maiden
Long flowing hair of black
Curled over her breasts
Flowed softly down her back
She knew just what he wanted
The spell is mind would fool
Soft skin would lay upon his
As he made love to this jewel

He’d wonder in the morning
When he awoke and looked around
Would be in his own bedroom
No one else around
And try as he may
Would never find that door
And live his life searching
Lay his eyes on her no more

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