Erotic short story competition results

Glad to be part of it. Hope you can follow me

Little Raven

Image: banQuetpress/Mark Russell Dean Image: banQuetpress/Mark Russell Dean

banQuetpress and Little Raven Publishing put out a call for ‘sex-positive works that overtly explore a diverse range of sexual expressions, practices and kinks.’ We received over 70 entries and enjoyed reading the stories sent in. Here are the results:

1st place: Wilkommen in Deutschland by Ankur van der Woude
2nd place: Moscato and Chocolate by Tasha Bibi
3rd place: Fine Lines by Sue Booker

Highly Commended:
The Librarians by Alex Lawning
Rosellas in Flight by Nicole Field
Succubus and Slave by Angophora
Roo Shooting by Vivan Black
Service Stop by Valerie Ivy
Reunion by Mark Davis

The three winners will appear in an eBook to be released in September.

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