In honor of my 69Th Post  ….Enjoy



Asleep she found him
On his back
Smiled to herself
Planned attack
Uncovered him
Removed the sheet
Reached out and touched
Cock looked so sweet

Stroked him hard
Heard waking sound
As his eyes opened
Swung leg around
Before one word
Could be said
Her moistened sex
Dropped on his head

Across his mouth
Let body rock
Fingers wrapped
Around his cock
Then head bent down
Took him through lips
Sucked in time
To moving hips

Now awake
He knew his task
Fingers joined
No need to ask
Probing tongue
Clit rubbed by teeth
Loved how he pleased her

First orgasm
Against her smiled
Her second one
Her body wild
His body jerked
She knew the sign
Clamped on him, swallowed
Sixty nine




A special thank you to suzi chankhio 11 and Jaxs jdenison7 for their photographic contribution this was a difficult one to get ” Just Right”

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