Mark Davis Author / Poet


The conference had been useful
But on the final night
But at the final dinner
Seated on his right
A lady from the office
On the other coast
Had pressed her leg against his
As they drank the final toast
Encouraged him to flirt
Touched his hand and let it linger
Casually let it drop
Stroked him with her finger
When they finished at the table
She let him see the key
Whispered ” give me ten
Then why don’t you join me”
He nodded in assent
Watched her through the door
His cock already responding
At the thought of what’s in store.

Upon the knock she opened up
Let him slip inside
The scent of fresh sprayed perfume
Impossible to hide
No longer in the public
They fell into the kiss
The feel of her soft body
Beneath her robe was bliss
Her busy hands then stripped him

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