His Feast






He’d found her in a bar
Attracted by her scent
Knew she would be his
Before the night was spent
Wooed her with his charms
Impressed her with his style
Entrapped her with his eyes
Won her with his smile

Once inside his spell
He led her from the bar
His driver waited outside
Helped them in the car
Travelled to his manor
He stroked her soft white skin
She cared not what awaited her
In the rooms within

The candles were flickering
Supplied a softened light
He lay her on the table
A tasty feast that night
Stripped away her clothing
Tasted her moist lips
Teased his fresh young morsel
Dancing finger tips

Knew she would taste better
Her blood would flow so sweet
Played until orgasm
The perfect time to eat
Worked her to the point
Where unaware of pain
He knew the perfect time
His teeth entered her vein

Taken by her beauty
Used his ageless skill
Held his need in check
Anxious not to kill
Knew with careful nurturing
Could keep her for his needs
To entertain his lust
And be there for his feeds


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