Neighbourly Cougar




He saw the neighbours car leave
Thought about their pool
The summer day oppressive
He thought of getting cool
Has them heard them tell his mother
They would be gone the night
And if they wanted to have a swim
It would be alright.


She saw him from the window
Watched the boy arrive
Smiled as he took his clothes off
And enter with a dive
Had sent her husband off alone
Felt sick and she should stay
Had plans for her college boy neighbour
While he was away


He swam a couple of laps
Stopped and heard sound
He thought he must be hearing things
No one should be around
Then the back door opened
With his neighbour standing there
Bikini barely covering
“You know it’s rude to stare ”


A grin at his reaction
Then holding out her hand
She had the suntan lotion
He took it as she’d planned
“I hope you don’t mind
If I stay her and join you
I’m sure that we can find
Some fun things we can do”


His hand shook as he rubbed her
Smoothed cream across her skin
Was hard inside his bathers
Tried to tuck it in
But as his neighbour turned
Her hand brushed him, made him jump
“Oh am I the cause
Of that lovely big hard bump”


Casually she reached up
Slipping off the top
She knew she had him now
There was no way this would stop
“Now just cover these
Right out to the tips”
And as he followed orders
A sigh came from her lips


Hearing her pleasured sigh
He marvelled at the sound
Then suddenly her fingers
Inside his togs and wrapped around
He offered no resistance
And with her arms
She pulled him down and kissed him
His breath no longer calm


Breaking off the kiss
“Let’s go inside to bed
I think that I want
Will be better there instead”
Grabbed him by the cock
Led him in the house
He followed meek and mild
Quiet as a mouse


Her grip made him wince
As she pulled him through the door
Once inside the bedroom
His bathers hit the floor
Watched as she removed hers
Her smooth sex now in view
Her fingers ran across it
“This is just for you”


All day she had been thinking
Of how he’d feel inside
Her wetness drew him in
As she urged the boy to ride
Arms wrapped round his neck
Legs around his waist
Her tongue plundered his mouth
Loved how the young men taste


Trying to hold back
He knew he’d lose the fight
“Come for me” he heard her
“It will be alright”
And as the dam walls burst
He felt a little nip
Pain lost in the orgasm
As the blood dropped from his lip


She smiled to herself
As she felt his juices flood
Arms wrapped around him
Tongue flicked the drop of blood
Knew that she’d soon
Have his cock hard again
The reason for her appetite
Of breaking in young men

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