Saved… But by whom?



The stranger was annoying Pam
Leaning in to close
As a pretty flight attendant
She had copped a lot of those
But here in the hotel bar
It was different than the plane
She tried to move away
But he was being quite a pain
When suddenly out of nowhere
There was a lady on her arm
“I think you need to leave sir
Or I might do you harm”
The stranger went to argue
But when he saw her eyes
He took a big step backwards
Seemed to shrink to half his size
As he slunk away
Pam thanked her with a smile
“He was being so persistent
Put up with him for quite a while.”
The lady’s green eyes engaged
Firm hands took her arm
“Come let’s find a booth”
Pam was smitten by her charm
As they walked Pam saw her outfit
As goth as she had seen
And wondered if her saviour
Was dressed for Halloween
“Are you going to a party?”
She asked as they took their seat
And the lady only smiled
“Would you like a trick or treat?”
As Pam stared into those green eyes
She couldn’t look away
A lace glove caressed her leg
“I think you need a treat today”
The black lips were so close
Felt the breath upon her lips
Gasped as her clit was touched
By the lacy finger tips
Pam had now succumbed
To the lure of those eyes
Offered no resistance
As the hands parted her thighs
Her mind pushed away
Any impending thoughts of doom
When the lady whispered to her
“Take me to your room”
As in a trance she was led
Up to her room that night
The goth lady and the stewardess
A most erotic sight
Upon entering her room
Pam was taken with a kiss
Not her first time with a lady
But had never felt like this
Then thrown on the bed
Pam was left with out a doubt
What the lady wanted
What her needs were all about
Her black goth dress was lifted
No panties were in place
Her legs astride Pam’s body
She sat down on her face
Pam’s mouth responded
Enraptured by her guile
Because her face was covered
She couldn’t see the smile
What she didn’t know
Was that as she filled one need
The other one was growing
The vampires need to feed
Little did Pam know
That as the juices run
Only one tonight
Would remember all this fun
As her lover came
The green eyes turned to red
She thrashed her sex around
Drove Pam into the bed
Then as her come subsided
Her lips went on Pam’s clit
The sensations were so wild
Pam didn’t know that she’d been bit
The teeth and tongue engaged her
Till with a scream she came
And deep inside her body
Knew she’d never be the same
Her paranormal lover
Stayed with her for the night
Only did she slink off
Before the morning light
Pam left without a memory
Of what had taken place
Of how that powerful lady
Had come upon her face
Not knowing as she moved around
The world with all her flights
Her vampire lover
Would be with her many nights

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