Awaits her Reward





Loved the feel
Leather on her face
On knees at his feet
Her special face
Though she couldn’t see
Knew he was pleased
Gentle rub on her cheek
Loved how he teased

Reached down to her hair
“You’ve done well my pet”
She shuddered, just the sound
Of his voice made her wet
“Now over my knee”
She draped cross his lap
Felt his firm hand caress
Then jumped at the slap

And between each smack
He stroked with his finger
Sometimes a quick rub
Other times let it linger
Each spank to her clit
Bought a rush of blood
Each thrust of his finger
Caus juices to flood

As the spanks lessened
The fingering grew
Played her g spot and clit
He knew just what to do
Clenched round his fingers
She came with a scream
Her reward now granted
Causing juices to stream


awaits her reward is a challenge shared with the exciting poet Malia

check out her blog at or follow her twitter at



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