Once again “Angel and I have teamed up to bring you a different challenge . This time we have  have taken a picture and each have written our own version , of a late night in our  office . We hope you enjoy ! 😉 smiles

We worked late
into the night
Met the deadline
Popped the cork

After a bottle
Maybe more
A sexy look
between us borne

Sauntered over to his desk
He asked me to undress
I complied with a smile
Off came the skirt
Then my silk shirt
I stood there
In my thong
Garter n lace on

Passions ignite
With just a look
as he unhooked
All that was left
Was my body bare
As he ravished me
with just one stare

Told me kneel
In submissive pose
I would do as I was told
Used his tie to bind
My stockings to shield

Circled his prey
like a hawk
Coming in for the kill
As he stalked
Roughly pulled my hair back
Kissed me softly along my back

Then said
” Come my pet ”
Let the games begin
On my desk
As he took my Angel wings



BY Mark Davis

Late night at the office
Answering the phone
“Has everyone else gone now?”
“Yes, were all alone”
A click as he hung up
She knew what was in store
Slipped off her clothes
And turned towards the door

Held her breath as it opened
His smile she first saw
A shiver through her body
As he walked across the floor
Let her breath out
As he kissed her on the lips
Felt his excitement
As his hands pulled on her hips

All day they had flirted
A little touch and tease
Handing over papers
Give fingers a gentle squeeze
She had thought all day
Of the loving she would get
Legs pressed together
Couldn’t stop from getting wet

She undid his belt
His pants around his knee
Her panties long gone
She lay back and begged him “please”
The foreplay of the whole day
Nothing else did they need
She gasped as he entered
Their hunger to feed

Pens on the floor
Papers papers sent flying
The silent late night office
Now filled with her crying
She clasped him tight
Thumped the desk like a drum
Phone knocked to the floor
While lost in their cum



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