Jungle Fever

Too good not to re blog

Mark Davis Author / Poet

This is a collaboration of Poetry between myself and ” His Angel ” . It is a continuous poem separated by pictures , which  tells a story of lustful  love.  Starting with ” Angel’s ” version , then mine , etc…,  we hope you enjoy reading our poetry as much as we enjoyed writing it .

Mark Davis & Angel



The tigress crawled
On all fours
Eyes of seduction
Wanting more
Crawling up
Your body so sweet
Licking you up
tonight’s treat
Eating you
Licking slowly
between your
Approaching your tender
Wanting more

Caught in her stare
Her prey
No choice
Let her have her way
Licking preparing
Her feast
Feeding a need
This untamed beast
Laid out for her
To dine
A growl a taste
“Your mine”
Feline body descends
Shivers through him sends
Growls bares her teeth
Leaves him squirming

poetry pic
Your mine tonight
My handsome…

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