Jungle Fever


This is a collaboration of Poetry between myself and ” His Angel ” . It is a continuous poem separated by pictures , which  tells a story of lustful  love.  Starting with ” Angel’s ” version , then mine , etc…,  we hope you enjoy reading our poetry as much as we enjoyed writing it .

Mark Davis & Angel





The tigress crawled
On all fours
Eyes of seduction
Wanting more
Crawling up
Your body so sweet
Licking you up
tonight’s treat
Eating you
Licking slowly
between your
Approaching your tender
Wanting more

Caught in her stare
Her prey
No choice
Let her have her way
Licking preparing
Her feast
Feeding a need
This untamed beast
Laid out for her
To dine
A growl a taste
“Your mine”
Feline body descends
Shivers through him sends
Growls bares her teeth
Leaves him squirming

poetry pic
Your mine tonight
My handsome prey
I’m not done
With you today
Lay back and
Let it be
Let this feline
feast ,on thee
Little nips
Wrap my lips around
Your dick
Tasting your drips
Aaah .. So hard !
Makes me wet
Holding back
“Not Yet”
Slowly descending
Feeling your tip
My juices drip
Rock my hips
As I begin to
devour you !

Descend on me
Take me in
Devour me
A feast of sin
Reaching up
Your breasts I grip
You bend
Bite hard
Scar my lip
Riding hard
Your sex devours
Ravaged lust
Jungle of ours
Claws grip
A shot of pain
Squeezing tight
Prepared to drain
Held tight
Between your thighs
Hunger thirst
There in your eyes

poetry tiger
Roaring now
Must let go
This Jungle Fever
Has me in it’s throes
But need to make
this moment last
Carnage my prey
Eat it slow
Enjoy each bite
As I go
Slow it down
Savor you
Inhale our sex
Can you smell that ?
Can you feel that ?
I’m vibrating wildly
Just for you
Clamping you in tight
In my grip
One last thrust
One last bite
Releasing now
Oh !
so right !
Exploding juices
Hear me roar
This tigress has
Feasted on you

poetry tigeress


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