Morning memories

Gazing wistfully
Unmade bed
Last nights memories
In her head
Not even was fully undressed
Before the smoothness
Was all messed

No panties
With her garters worn
Her eager sex
Fully shorn
Pushed on the bed
Still in her heels
His fingers probed
Loves how it feels

Belt undone
Pants round his knees
Cock so hard
From her nights tease
Foreplay done
While driving home
Her fingers stroked
While his did roam

Now on the bed
He plunged inside
Heels wrapped around him
For the ride
Head drawn down
Kiss tongues entwined
No eager lover
Will she find

When they came
One last thrust
Sheets are soaked
In juices of lust
More kisses scratches
Loving bite
The scent still lingers
From the night

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