Bedside wine

A long hard day at work
Poured a wine and got undressed
Headed to the bedroom
Sheets and cover messed
Put the wine beside the bed
Opened up the drawer
The wine might help the stress
But her body needed more
Turning on the toy
She knew just where to start
The vibes sent through her nipple
Caused her lips to part
Knees spread in readiness
Slid it across her skin
Pressed against her clit
Head sent in a spin
Her sexy began to moisten
As she recalled last night
Closed eyes recalled his cock
As the toy slid out of sight
Her lips still felt his on her
In her mind she saw his eyes
Head tilted back moaned loudly
As she would between her thighs
The crumpled sheets still smelt
Of his erotic scent
And she came with a scream
Laid back her body spent
She let the toy drop loose
As sweet juice began to flow
Clasped her legs together
Basking in the glow
Then reached out for her glass
Touched her juices to her lip
A touch of spice now added
As she took a little sip

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