Dancing lovers

Mark Davis Author / Poet


Her hand out holds her steady
She needs her heels just right
Knows they will entice and tease
Her lucky man that night

Her light dress so revealing
Gartered stocking show
Smiles at his reaction
In his eyes a glow

Leads him to the dance floor
And on her feet so light
Presses to him and whispers
“This is your lucky night”

How words have an effect
And as the dances slow
Her body moves against him
Feels his manhood grow

Nibbles on his ear
Slips a leg between his thighs
Her own sex getting wetter
As she hears his sighs

Before the band has finished
Neither of them can wait
He leads her from the dance floor
Two appetites to sate

Quickly to their room
Clothes hastily shed
Locked in hard embrace
Wrestled on the bed

Her tease throughout the night
Has fuelled her lovers fire
Enters like a…

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