Happy to donate


All day they had sold tickets
For the cause of pink
Headed for the hotel bar
To get themselves a drink
They talked and laughed together
Still wearing their pink tie
When they saw a fresh young man
Trying to catch their eye


Tipsy now they beckoned
Offered him a chair
Let their tops fall open
Smiled at his stare
Sat him in between them
Pressed in on either side
Teased their newfound friend
His excitement hard to hide


Slipping of her tie
One wrapped around his hand
Then tied it to her own
Ordered him to stand
Gripped hold of his fingers
“Come my boy with me
Two is loads of fun
But it’s time you tried a three”


It the room they stripped him
Lay him on the bed
With their ties they secured him
One sat astride his head
Her wetness from the teasing
Filled his mouth and nose
The other kissed his cock
“Mmm love how big it grows”


Moving up her body
She put both legs astride
Rubbed his cock against her sex
Then sat down, he went inside
Fondled her girlfriends breasts
Leaned forward for a kiss
The restrained young man was moaning
Never been used like this


Mounting orgasms
Filled their room with sound
His cock was almost bursting
As she swivelled her hips round
His tongue was working overtime
Until with a loud cry
Gagged on a flood of juices
As his face sitter let fly


Still his cock was worked
Pounded to the bed
The other lifted off his face
Cradled the boys head
Whispered lustful words
With her lips against his ears
Until his cock exploded
And her girlfriend came in tears


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