Set me free

“Please Sir”
Face to the floor
Arms outstretched
“I implore,
Accept this crop
From me
Take my pain
And set me free”

“My girl” he says
“Now stand”
The chain runs through
His hand
Her clothing
Is dispatched
To the wall
She is attached

Eyes open
Her breathe on hold
Against the wall
So cold
Prepares herself
To yield
The crop she knows
He’ll wield

Taps on nipples
For a start
Then prises
Legs apart
The crop slide through
Her legs
He loves the way
She begs

Now harder on spots
So tender
Cries for the pain
He’ll render
Pain courses through
Her blood
Each swing
Makes juices flood

Her cries attack
His ears
He leans in
Kisses tears
Tender touch
To places sore
“Chained to your pain
No more”

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