The early morning hours
In dark corner of her mind
A dream began to manifest
The most erotic kind
The breeze from opened window
Brushed across her skin
In the dream it was her lover
Quietly creeping in

She moaned in expectation
As his lips crept up her thighs
The room now full of light
Behind her sleep closed eyes
Gazed down at her lover
His smile nice and wide
Then his lips were on her clit
As his fingers slipped inside

Reaching down she touched him
In her mind she stroked his hair
Thrust her hips against him
As though he was really there
Until his oral ministrations
Were more than she could stand
Her orgasm rocked her body
And she awoke, juice covered hand

In a joint collaboration of “IN DREAMS ” please view Malias version here

join me in reading this visual mistress of poetry one of the most talented lady / authors / Poets I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Truly amazing with her words & visual photographs of the erotic nature.

Also join her on Twitter @88Mimiof2



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