A poetic mistress of words Malia does a beautiful interpretation to ” IN DREAMS ” our poetry challenge




Whispers in the dark
I close my eyes
Fighting, pleading
Begging for sleep
As night falls
You come to me again
Floating, hovering
Night after night
Your mine as I’m yours
Your first touch
Filling my lungs
I take a deep breath
Your masculine scent
As you become part of me
Your lips so soft
So warm, so wet
Kissing, licking, nibbling
My silky flesh
I taste your lips
As our tongues dance
Devouring each other
A soul deep kiss
Striking the match
Breathless desires
Breaking our kiss
Your lips move
Your teeth bite
As your tongue laves and suckles
Pale pink diamond hard nipples
Nails scratch across your back
Legs wrap around your waist
Arching my body
Pushing into yours
Feeling your hands
Sensuous, sultry instant sin
Memorizing every curve again
Laying fire with your fingertips
An unbridled fury burns
Under my skin

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