Dance of lust



She knew she had him hooked
Was it the way he turned and looked?
She guessed he’d never seen
Such piercing eyes of green

She walked in such a way
Hips in hypnotic sway
An extra little shake
And he followed in her wake

Her ample cleavage topped the brim
As she snuggled close to him
As they danced around the floor
She gave a hint of what’s in store

She rubbed herself against his crutch
Just a little not too much
Enough to make him swell
He couldnt hide it very well

Her lip beside his ear
“I think the time to go is near
Come boy” took him by the hand
“Follow me to wonderland”

Once home and through the door
They didn’t hold back anymore
A frantic clash of flesh
As burning desires mesh

He pushed her up against the wall
She held on tight so not to fall
Then wrapped her legs around
As her dripping sex he found

Then holding her in place
His hungry lips attacked her face
And with each relentless pound
Came their mixed erotic sound

As their need to come grew stronger
He couldn’t hold her any longer
And they slipped down on the floor
Thrusting had she screamed for more

She gripped him tight, dug in her nail
Then with one last organic wail
With a rush just like she’d peed
Her squirt mixed with his seed

Gripping tight she held him in
Then with a post orgasmic grin
Wrapped him in her arms
A willing captive to her charms



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