She lays there awaiting her man to call
knows when he does, inhibitions will fall
her body will shiver, first sound of his voice
cannot control it, she has no choice

There won’t be a hello, will get straight to the start
“I hope you are laying there legs wide apart.”
all she can do is whisper a breathless reply
as she senses his fingers carressing her thigh

“Now take that toy, place it hard on your clit
and while you do that, feel my lips on your tit.”
She moans as she does, her joy cannot hide
then bucks as the toy slips and buries inside

She closes her eyes, in her mind he is there
as his voice fills her mind, feels him carress her hair
then as he whispers softly “Cum for me girl.”
her body convulses, her mind in a whirl

Sated she sits up, takes phone in her hand
whispers to him in his faraway land
“Thank you baby, for calling to play
can’t think of a better start to my day.”


MD ~~Smiles~~;-)

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