The first few drops have hardened
The hot wax lost it’s pain
Closes her eyes and tenses
Knows it will come again
A gasp each time a drop falls
He takes hold of her gown
As the drops fall lower
He pulls the garment down

The wax upon her nipple
He kisses with his lips
Waits till it has hardened
Removes it from the tips
And each drop on her belly
His tongue used to remove
Until his final destination
Her sex so nice and smooth

The last hot drop of candle
Sizzles on her clit
Then pain replaced by pleasure
As he licks up every bit
The juices he’s created
Fills his mouth and eyes
She wraps her legs around him
Traps him with her thighs

The teasing at an end
She’s now begging for relief
Steals his breath away
Like a lustful wanton thief
Coming hard against him
Legs open sets him free
Pulls him up and kisses
“Oh please want you in me”

His hard cock needs no urging
Her wetness drags him in
Squeezing scratching biting
Till he explodes within
On the bedroom table
The extinguished candle lays
She knows she’ll feel the heat
And the pain on other days

But at the moment she’s content
Her head upon his chest
Inhale the scent of sex
And let her partner rest
Quietly smile at the thought
The next time the candle burns
She may be the one to hold it
Give him the pain he yearns

To view Malia ‘s version please click here

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