💜💜💜💜 A Special Treat ðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œ

I hope you have new batteries
On the bedside table
Or a partner to assist you
Ready willing and able
For tonight I have a treat
A new book coming out
Will make you wet and horny
Of that there is no doubt
And as a little treat
Volume one is a free read
Domination is it’s theme
It will fill a lustful need
Whether sub or Domme
The poems will delight
Some interesting reading
To save for bed tonight
As if that’s not enough
Volume four is now released
Decadence the title
Your mind it will be teased
Amongst it many poems
You will find all types of treasures
Come journey through my mind
Share with me my pleasures
And know that in my find
As I write I see you read
Excited at the thought
That i have caused this aching need
Then when you’ve finished these two
And your body aches for more
Get the other volumes
And continue to explore
Know that I’ll keep writing
As long as you enjoy
And share with your friend or partner
Or with your favorite toy
Thank you
Mark ~ Smiles~~ 🙂



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