The Seven Deadly Sins

Those deadly sins
That live within
Seven they say
One each day

On any day there is lust
For some of us it is a must
It is there for us to feed
Our financial, power,erotic need

Gluttony, we overindulge
Our mouth is full and stomachs bulge
Always eating want too much
None for others out of touch

The next one along the sin of greed
Always want more than you need
Not a thought from you too share
All for you, just don’t care

Sloth, just sits, the lazy one
No idea of having fun
Just hang around, on your Ass
Not a care, let the world pass

Wrath the deadly sin of rage
Angry words on every page
Heart full of revenge and spite
Will never learn its not alright

Envy, jealous eyes of green
Makes us hateful sad and mean
“It should be mine, why can’t you see?
Why did it go to him not me?”

Pride, it comes before a fall
But alas something that hits us all
The sin to think that we are best
Only brings us level with the rest

None of us can ever say
That we have kept these sins at bay
But as long as we learn as we sin
In the end our spirit will win

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